Gurostølen is located at 900 meters elevation, and the summer mountain dairy farm (støl) has basically run continuously since the 1600's. Kjetil and Marianne have 15 cows here during the summer. Some of the cows from their farm stay with Anne-Lise up at Fagerdalen. Gurostølen produces Trøg cheese and sour cream. In addition, they deliver milk to Tim at Hol Cheesemakers; of which, he produces Kronblom cheese. Gurostølen has a small støl shop that sells their own and other locally-produced products, as well as rent out cabins. The guests at Gurostølen participate in the støl way-of-life, and sometimes become sworn cheese and støl enthusiasts during their stay.


Kronblom is a Gauda-inspired cheese made with støl milk from the mountain-fresh summer cows that graze at Gurostølen. The deep yellow color comes from the wonderful grazing conditions at the støl, and shows that the milk is rich in carotene. The cheese is made at low temperatures and lactose-reduced before maturation. It is a solid Gauda-type that is aged for 1 year before it’s sold. Kronblom won a silver and bronze medal at the Cheese World Championships in November, 2018. The silver was awarded for 1-year aged and the bronze for 2-year aged cheeses.

Where can you use Kronblom? Well, if you like cheese, you can use Kronblom for most anything.