Rueslåtten Cheesemakers

Rueslåtten Cheesemakers is located adjacent to then Rueslåtten farm. The cheeses are produced at home on the farm all year-round. During the summer, the cows are at their summer mountain dairy farm (støl), Geitevasstølen. Rueslåtten buys their goats’ milk from Øvrejorde.


High up in Skurdalen, at 930 meters elevation, you will find the mountain farm, Jakobsplass. They produce their cheeses themselves. When they need cows’ milk to make their soft cheese spread (prim), they buy it from Hamarsbøen.


Fagerdalen summer mountain dairy farm (støl) is as old as the hills, and they have produced cheese in the same manner since 1702. They lease the cows from Gurostølen and make the cheese themselves. Fagerdalen is open all summer; and among other things, offer a støls buffet.

Prestholt støl

Prestholt Støl (a summer mountain dairy farm at 1,200 meters elevation) produces and sells cheese during the summer months. The goats’ milk from the støl is driven down to Hol Cheesemakers for production of Leirgrøv cheese. The home farm is called, Rudningen; and is located in Hol, where the brown goat cheese is produced during the winter.


Hamarsbøen is a medium-sized Norwegian farm, located at 700 meters elevation in Kvisle, with a fantastic view down the Hallingdal Valley. Hamarsbøen delivers winter milk to the Hol Cheesemakers for production of Lykjyl cheese, white cheese, and smoked white cheese. During the summer, both the people and cows from Hamarsbøen move to the Hamarsbøen støl where they produce sour cream and butter. They also deliver cows’ milk to Jakobsplass when they need cows’ milk to produce their soft cheese spread (prim).


Gurustølen is located at 900 meters elevation, and the summer mountain dairy farm (støl) has basically run continuously since the 1600’s. They deliver the støl milk to Hol Cheesemakers for the production of Kronblom cheese. Gurostølen leases their cows to Fagerdalen during the summer. During the winter, both the people and animals are home at the Larsgard farm.

Hol ysteri

Hol Cheesemakers is the heart of Cheese Village. Here, you will find sales of local food, outdoor food service, and tourist information.


Øvrejorde farm is located in Hovet. Øvrejorde’s summer mountain dairy farm is called Kalvefløto, and is located at 1,200 meters elevation. Øvrejorde delivers goats’ milk to the Rueslåtten Cheesemakers almost year-round, for production of Rød Geit (Red Goat), Kubbeost (Log), and St. Pål cheese.

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