Hospitality Venues

Hol Municipality is a tourism municipality, where agriculture and tourism have worked hand-in-hand for many years. As a matter of fact, the first visitors to this municipality met our friendly hosts and lived at their farms. The Lords from England came to Hol around 1850 and had good relationships with the farmers in Sudndalen. At the tourist destination now known as Geilo, everything was built out from agricultural properties. That is probably true for most of Norway, perhaps for the whole world; but it is very clear here in Hol that agriculture, through the generations, has facilitated the development of which we see the result today. Even from olden times, it was always home-produced, homemade food and dishes that were served people who came to visit. Their own meat, own recipes, and homemade cheeses were served at each farm. Are we on our way BACK to this tradition?

Tourism and agriculture still work well together in Hol. We are very happy that there are more and more tourism companies that offer products from Cheese Village. Here is a list, which we will keep updated.