Meet the Cheesemaking Family

This is Cheese Village’s combined treasure chest:  26 tasty individualists, nurtured on the best that the mountains can provide. During the summer, there are even 3 more cheeses that are produced:  namely, natural Trøg cheese, Trøg with caraway, and Surystil.

In Cheese Village, the animals are outside as much as possible. During the summer, they are at their summer mountain dairy farms (støl), where they graze on mountain vegetation that makes the milk extra flavorful. The cheese that is made during the summer is, therefore, marked with “stølsost” (støl cheese)—because it is extra rich in taste, color, and antioxidants. However, all of the farms in Cheese Village are located at high elevations, so the mountain taste is present all year-round. Some of the cheeses are well-aged cheeses, where the taste grows as time goes by. Others are fresh cheeses that are to be eaten immediately. There are white, yellow, and brown cheeses; mild cheeses; strong, supple cheeses; spiced cheeses; and semi-solid and firm cheeses. Common to the whole family is the taste of mountain scenery and cultural heritage. You’re welcome!

Click on each member of the cheese family to see which flavorful cheeses that they have to offer.

Rueslåtten Cheesery

The Rueslåtten Cheesemakers production is adjoined to the Rueslåtten farm. Rueslåtten is one of Norway's approved cheesemakers for production of cheese from raw (unpasteurized) milk. There are 16 different breeds of cows living in the cowshed:  Telemark, West Coast Fjord, Jersey and Norwegian Red Cattle—each of them giving milk of different qualities. During the summer, the cows are out at the summer mountain dairy farm (støl), just where happy cows should be.

Both the farm and Rueslåtten Cheesemakers are run by Jarle Rueslåtten and his partner, Rakel. Rueslåtten Cheesemakers produces cheese from both cows' and goats' milk. Øvrejordet farm delivers world-class goats' milk to Rueslåtten Cheesemakers, which only happens when one has healthy and happy goats. After a few years of product development, Rueslåtten Cheesemakers now concentrates on 6 different cheeses—2 of which have won bronze medals at the World Championships in Cheesemaking, and several medals at the Norwegian Championships in Farm Cheesemaking.


The mountain farm, Jakobsplass, is located high up in Skurdalen, at 930 meters elevation. Trine and Lars Lilleslåtten have run their farm in the old-fashioned way since the 1980's, and all the milk from the 15-20 milk goats is processed at home on the farm. Trine fires up their prim (soft cheese spread) kettle with wood from their own forest. She gets the cows' milk needed to make the prim from Hamarsbøen farm. Making cheese the old-fashioned way is heavy, physical work; and the only technical aids that Trine has acquired is a mixer. During the summer, the goats are at the summer mountain dairy farm (støl). All the cheese made year-round at Jakobsplass is brown cheese. During the summer, Trine also makes fresh cheese.


Take a trip to the mountains this summer. Fagerdalen is open as soon as the snow has melted, and the fresh, green grass has started to grow.

At Anne-Lise's traditional, summer mountain dairy farm (støl) café, you can buy sour cream, sour cream porridge, butter, and other støl products, as well as a good selection of the best from Cheese Village. Each summer, she offers up a støls buffet, concerts, and other fun things; so just get ready for many wonderful experiences in the mountains.

Prestholt Goat Cheese

Prestholt Goat Cheese started up in 1989 when the Stenberg family moved to the area and took over the Rudningen farm and the summer mountain dairy farms (støls), Prestholt and Leirgrøv. With them in the move, was their cheese tradition from Osterøy on the West Coast; which they used as the starting point for making their original, brown goat cheese. They still make it; but in 2016, their son, Tim, started up Hol Cheesemakers in the old grocery store locale in Hol. Here they make 11 different kinds of cheese, 6 of which carry the Prestholt logo. In addition, Tim makes cheese for Gurustølen and Hamarsbøen. Hol Cheesemakers also has a shop with locally-made food.


Hamarsbøen is a medium-sized Norwegian farm, located at 700 meters elevation in Kvisle, with a fantastic view down the Hallingdal Valley. Here live 25-30 milk cows. With the milk from the happy cows at Hamarsbøen, Tim, from Hol Cheesemakers, makes 3 different kinds of white cheese. In addition, Hamarsbøen delivers milk to Trine at Jakobsplass; when she needs it for her soft cheese spread (prim). During the summer, the cows enjoy themselves at the summer mountain dairy farm (støl), located in Havsdalen. The cheeses from Hamarsbøen are made with winter milk. From the støls milk, yellow and rich Havsdals sour cream, full of Omega 3, 6, and antioxidants, is made.


Gurostølen is located at 900 meters elevation, and the summer mountain dairy farm (støl) has basically run continuously since the 1600's. Kjetil and Marianne have 15 cows here during the summer. Some of the cows from their farm stay with Anne-Lise up at Fagerdalen. Gurostølen produces Trøg cheese and sour cream. In addition, they deliver milk to Tim at Hol Cheesemakers; of which, he produces Kronblom cheese. Gurostølen has a small støl shop that sells their own and other locally-produced products, as well as rent out cabins. The guests at Gurostølen participate in the støl way-of-life, and sometimes become sworn cheese and støl enthusiasts during their stay.