The mountain farm, Jakobsplass, is located high up in Skurdalen, at 930 meters elevation. Trine and Lars Lilleslåtten have run their farm in the old-fashioned way since the 1980's, and all the milk from the 15-20 milk goats is processed at home on the farm. Trine fires up their prim (soft cheese spread) kettle with wood from their own forest. She gets the cows' milk needed to make the prim from Hamarsbøen farm. Making cheese the old-fashioned way is heavy, physical work; and the only technical aids that Trine has acquired is a mixer. During the summer, the goats are at the summer mountain dairy farm (støl). All the cheese made year-round at Jakobsplass is brown cheese. During the summer, Trine also makes fresh cheese.

Ekte Geitost (Real Goat Cheese)

Ekte Geitost is the main product from Jakobsplass and is an award-winning big shot. The brown goat cheese, Ekte Geitost, won the gold medal at the Norwegian Championships in Farm Cheesemaking in 2017 and the silver medal in the Cheese World Championships in 2018. Trine heats her kettle with wood, which gives it a totally distinctive taste.

How about starting every morning with a nice slice of bread with a couple of slices of Ekte Geitost?

Søtprim (Sweet Prim)

Many think of prim as spreadable, but Søtprim from Jakobsplass is a sliceable brown cheese. It is made of both cows’ and goats’ milk, and sugar is added—as one can hear from the name—and cooked the old-fashioned way in a wood-fired kettle.

What is luxury? It could possibly be changing out a different goat cheese with Søtprim from Jakobsplass.

Mjølkeprim (Milk Prim)

Mjølkeprim is a very local product that is only made in Hallingdal and the near vicinity. This is a brown cheese that is sliced in thick slices and served with coffee finger-food—wonderful on newly-made waffle pieces or small pancakes! In Mjølkeprim, all of the milk is cooked down, and the cheese curds aren’t removed. This means that it is fast to cook, although more perishable, but Mjølkeprim can be frozen. The milk maids cooked Mjølkeprim the first and last days at the støl, when they had to handle the milk quickly.

How about inviting the neighbor over for coffee and Mjølkeprim?