Hamarsbøen is a medium-sized Norwegian farm, located at 700 meters elevation in Kvisle, with a fantastic view down the Hallingdal Valley. Here live 25-30 milk cows. With the milk from the happy cows at Hamarsbøen, Tim, from Hol Cheesemakers, makes 3 different kinds of white cheese. In addition, Hamarsbøen delivers milk to Trine at Jakobsplass; when she needs it for her soft cheese spread (prim). During the summer, the cows enjoy themselves at the summer mountain dairy farm (støl), located in Havsdalen. The cheeses from Hamarsbøen are made with winter milk. From the støls milk, yellow and rich Havsdals sour cream, full of Omega 3, 6, and antioxidants, is made.

Kvitost (White Cheese)

The Hamarsbøen Kvitost is a Gauda-inspired, pasteurized cheese that is made in low temperatures and lactose-reduced before maturation. Kvitost is made with winter milk and is sold after 6 months of maturing. For this fine cheese, Hamarsbøen received a bronze medal in the Cheese World Championships in 2018.

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Smoked Kvitost

When Tim has made Kvitost, Lars Hamarsbøen picks out some the Kvitost from storage and smokes it in the wood-fired smokehouse at Hamarsbøen. The cheese is moked for 30 hours before it is vacuumized. Then it is stored for at least a week for the smokey taste to spread in the cheese.

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The award-winning Kvitost is the base for Lykjyost, which is also a Gauda-type. Here cumin is added at the very end of the cheesemaking process, right before forming the cheeses, giving this the characteristic Nøkkelost cheese taste.

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