Personal privacy policy and cookies notice

By using this site, you accept treatment of personal information according to this policy. Republication of content on this site is not allowed if not given written consent by us.

We process personal information you have given us by using this site or contacting us. The information can be used for marketing, statistic, maintenance, operating and improving our websites.

Ostebygda does not have responsibility for content or treatment of personal information on external sites.

Your rights

What personal information Ostebygda may retrieve, process and store is determined by the Norwegian Personal Data Act. This applies to the entire company including the website. 

You have the right to know which personal information is being processed about you. You have the right to demand correction of personal information about you should they be false or incomplete. You have the right to be forgotten, which means to have the personal information about you deleted. Giving consent to treatment of personal information is always voluntary, and a consent can always be withdrawn.


Ostebygda uses cookies. Cookies are small textfiles stored on the device you are online with when browsing a webpage. We use cookies primarily for statistical analytics of our webpage and marketing.

By using our website, you accept our use of cookies. However, it is possible for you to block and delete cookies in your browser. See this guideline for managing cookies in browser (external website).

Information from cookies is anonymous.

Web analytics

The analytical tool Google Analytics is used to analyze the use of this website. It collects data and makes statistic which helps us improve our websites. All data collected via Google Analytics is anonymized before being stored by Google.


Information given in one of our forms is stored in order for functionality on the website to work properly and for us to process and answer your requests. We cannot guarantee that this information is being encrypted sufficient for sensitive information, therefore we ask you kindly not to provide us any sensitive information in these forms.

If you fill out a form marked “Newsletter” or the equivalent in a different language, you accept that your contact information is stored in an email-list and used for sending you e-mails. The e-mail lists are stored by Mailchimp.

If you fill out one of our forms, no other information can be tracked back to you other than the information you provide yourself.


Third-party providers of software involved in our use of cookies and collection of information are:

Facebook Inc

Google Inc

The Rocket Science Group (aka. Mailchimp)


If you have any questions with regards to this policy or whish use your rights, contact us here.

If you believe we are not following the law with regards to personal privacy and cookie use, contact us at the same site.

Changes in this policy

We reserve the right to update or change this policy. All changes apply from the moment the change is published. The date for the last update is always to be found at the bottom of this page.

Last update: 20.07.2019